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Industrial Chiller refrigeration range from 6300 kcal to 103500 kcal (2HP-50HP). Chilled water range 5 ℃ - 40 ℃, low temperature refrigeration units water range
-40 ℃ - 0 ℃
● selection of the United States and Japan new imported brand-name compressor the included hidden silencer device, preheating device, security, power-saving, durable, and low noise.
● thermostatic expansion valve, dryer, antifreeze, high pressure gauge, low tables, LCD temperature controller, electromagnetic beginning of frozen parts and electrical parts are famous brand, low failure rate, long service life.
● The newly designed high efficiency shell and tube condenser and evaporator, direct cooling fast, a significant effect of heat transfer, easy to clean.
● The machine has a pump overload relay, the compressor overload relays, refrigerant pressure anomaly protection switch and freeze to prevent a protection switch instructions of class warning system the abnormal alarm buzzer and fault, the circuit can automatically cut off to ensure safety. 


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